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Born in 1950 I have studied Geology and Applied Geological Sciences at Marburg University in Germany, at Innsbruck University in Austria and at the US Geological Survey in Denver/Colorado in the USA.

I started my activities as a Consultant in October 2016. In January 2017 I founded and registered RH Drilling Technology GmbH i.L. after my professional career as an exploration- and hydro-geologist, as an exploration- and well-drilling-specialist and a teacher and lecturer at Technical High-Schools and Universities in Germany and abroad (see C.V.).

Clients can benefit today from experience gained over the more than 40 years in:

Working in more than 70 countries on all five continents the main focus of my professional work was on the continent of Africa, the Middle East, India and China.

Teaching and training of drilling-contractor staff in theory and practice can be done in co-operation with LUXCERT GmbH (, especially if an internationally accepted certification according to EN ISO 22475 is needed or wanted.

RH Drilling Technology GmbH i. L. works together with the best reputed manufacturers of drilling rigs, drilling equipment, drill mud additives and downhole motors, as well as with the best reputed manufacturers of water well material and in their fields specialized consultants.

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My name is Reiner Homrighausen.

Reiner Homrighausen